atlas geographica

This is the blog I have operated for close to a year now.

The content includes a comprehensive post on powerful mental modelsNassim Taleb and the Incerto as well as an in depth introduction to the ideas of Carl Jung.

Atlas Geographica is also the landing page for the multiple podcasts I am operating. This includes The Incerto & Nassim Taleb Podcast as well as Search Engine Optimised.

the hyam

The Hyam is a lifestyle and vegan food blog of my girlfriend, the lovely Emma-Sofia.

This has been a project of hers for sometime as a fun hobby to do on the side that sharpens her expertise in SEO as well as touches on her creative side… Instagram @thehyam


Gatsmart is the magazine/consultancy organisation ran by my mother in law in Stockholm, Ulrika Flodin.

She is Stockholm’s most famous gardening expert and has authored many books and directed many projects all related to gardening within both Stockholm and broader Europe. Also related is her additional website,

gluten free nutrition

My mother, Kim Faulkner-Hogg, is internationally recognised as one of the foremost experts of Coeliac disease in the world.

She runs the website and offers on there expert advice on elimnation diets, gluten free information and so much more. She is a PhD from Sydney University and author of several books.

rag only is a Swedish based fashion website. The site is run my very talented girlfriend, Emma-Sofia and only sells sustainably produced clothing.

Koala Kaffe

Single Origin coffee delivery is a side project of mine to wholesale coffee to the lovely people of Sweden.

I have the finest, purest and highest quality arabica beans available to me in Veracruz, Mexico and am currently developing a route into the Swedish market… stay tuned.