About The Wyar Podcast

Wyar The Kangaroo

What Is The Wyar Podcast

The Wyar Podcast features guests from all walks and corners of life who tell stories both personal and otherwise interspersed throughout music of their choice.

Episodes are typically 20-30 minutes long, however the guest has full discretion over what they want to speak about, how long they want to speak for, and how much music they would like to include.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you have a story.

The best stories come from the least expected places. Funny or sad, uplifting or depressing, inspiring or sentimental.

Whoever you are, whatever your story, wherever you are, submit your story and contribute with an episode here, everyone is welcome.

History Of The Wyar Podcast

This podcast is inspired by the extremely popular long time Sommar i P1 radio show which has been popularising Swedish airwaves since 1959.

The Podcast was created in July, 2020. I, Ryan Faulkner-Hogg, was driving south from Port Macquarie towards Sydney with partner in toe and girlfriend, Emma-Sofia Hallin, who was growing further tired of the audiobook I was blaring through the car speakers.

She’d told me about P1 before, and for her, P1 allowed her to reminisce on her youthful Summer days in Stockholm.

The concept of this radio show had me sold straight away, but all the guests were Swedish, and they spoke in that bizarre language Swedes sprok.

I was determined to listen, so Emma found me one of the few episodes that is dually recorded with one version in English. So as to account and appease the less Swedish literate of their audience, like yours truly.

We listened to a 2014 episode from ‘Pewdiepie’ and I loved every minute of it.

I was immediately lost in thought and conceptualising how brilliant and magnificent an English podcast version could be. The next hours had me daydreaming about all the guests that could appear and all the stories that could unfold.

Submit Your Own Episode

Everyone has a story, if you want to share yours, submit here.